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   It's 2014 ~ Our 29th Year!

Long Island Parrot Society Of New York

 What is this?



The Long Island Parrot Society's membership is over 600 strong!  We publish an award-winning, 11 times yearly newsletter, LIPService, packed with news you can use: Club information, photos, classified ads, event schedules and informative articles on bird care!
The Long Island Parrot Society of New York, Inc. D/B/A The Long Island Parrot Society exists as a non-profit, 501c3 organization dedicated to improving the lives of psittaciformes through education, research, advocacy and service, to help prevent endangerment or extinction, and to create a shelter and adoption center for displaced parrots and other pet birds.  Amended 2/1/04

We support rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing efforts, and have contributed to avian shelters, veterinary research, conservation projects, post-9/11 funds and to the animal victims of Hurricane Katrina.
LIPS is "for the birds"--  We are dedicated to responsible bird ownership through education and example.  Our members include breeders, pet shop professionals, and parrot fanatics who share their homes with multiple birds, and there are members who are proud to have just one special parrot.

Please join us and share the unique experience of
MEMBERSHIP in The Long Island Parrot Society!

More About Us...
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LIPS has first rate speakers at monthly meetings.  Check out our schedule of upcoming events and outreaches!

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An annual Parrot Expo where you can show your birds, and enjoy lectures, vendors, raffle prizes and educational information.

ball70.gif (523 bytes) Hosts a Public Access cable TV show - "The Bird Show"
ball70.gif (523 bytes) A free online email service called  "Feather Flash" newsletter where you can receive up to the minute news & information.
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Our members display their birds at outreaches such as nursing homes, schools, health fairs, pet fairs, craft shows, church functions and community events.

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We can help with "Lost & Found" birds and other emergency situations. 

ball70.gif (523 bytes) A variety of vendors at each monthly meeting where you can find some great buys on all your "Parrotphernalia."
ball70.gif (523 bytes) A Club Library that boasts over 60 books, newsletters and videos as well as literature from sister clubs across the country.  Click here for a list of 'must-reads', DVDs and websites for parrot owners!
ball70.gif (523 bytes) A Summer Picnic as well as an annual Holiday Party in December. See our schedule.
ball70.gif (523 bytes) An Adoption/Foster Referral Team - a placement service available to MEMBERS ONLY for a nominal fee.
ball70.gif (523 bytes) Parrot Pals - who offer much needed helping hands in times of trouble.
ball70.gif (523 bytes) Bereavement Committee who will help you and your family deal with the loss of a pet. who will help you and your family deal with the loss of a pet.
ball70.gif (523 bytes) Discounts in stores all over Long Island.  (A list of participants is featured in our newsletter)
ball70.gif (523 bytes) The Parrot Phone - provides assistance with bird related problems and/or emergencies as well as information about the club.  (631) 957-1100

Other Stuff:

ball70.gif (523 bytes)  Bird Flu Facts
ball70.gif (523 bytes)  Investigate product and Internet rumors here: www.snopes.com
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Music CD inspired by the book, "The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill"    Available for purchase online!  Click here!
ball70.gif (523 bytes)  Make sure you have a Parrot First Aid Kit!

Attention Bird Clubs and Avian Rescue Groups!
Check out our T-shirt Exchange program!



Parrot Expo!
(full details)

October 11, 2014

Have your bird's flight feathers clipped or be extra vigilant about open doors and windows. Ceiling fans are also a hazard to flighted birds. Always keep your bird safely inside its carrier or travel cage when transporting it to the groomer or veterinarian.

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It's a parrot 'reality' show!

Remembering Alex
the African Grey

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Long Island Parrot Society plans for a
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